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The LX product range was born out of our team's experience and expertise in developing custom IoT Products as part of our design services business. With over 500 products developed, our engineers have been tasked to create products that can withstand the extremes of thermal testing, that are completely watertight or that can work remotely off a battery power source and last for up to ten years in the field. 

Through solving these complex problems across numerous projects, we've learnt what it takes to create an IoT device that is built to last, user friendly and power and cost efficient. Our own product range is about creating products that enable the right insights at the right time, so you can make data enhanced decisions. 




Our values centre around creating excellence in everything that we do and being passion led. Our founder comes from a farming background, so particularly for AgTech applications, that passion comes from a place of first hand experience. We know that agricultural IoT applications need to be easy to install, enable processes to drive increased productivity and profitability and not create more work than they remove.  

  • Driven by Passion - strive for excellence in everything we do
  • People Led - designing with the customer in mind
  • Work as one Team - be efficient and help one another 
  • Create for the Next Thing, Now - be future minded with functionality and design