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The Smart way to do Smart Farming

When making decisions about what AgTech products and solutions to employ on your farm, you can often end up with lots of different suppliers, using different network technology and different software. Suddenly you have 6 or 7 different apps or dashboards to log into to get reporting, and the technology that was supposed to streamline your processes and give you time back has become more time consuming than the alternative.

The idea behind the Incyt by LX product range is that it acts as a connected ecosystem. Products can be configured for use in different situations or 'applications' to give you the reporting you need, all in one app. With a range that covers key processes across agronomy, water management, livestock and asset tracking, farm security and microclimate monitoring, you can choose the kits and applications most relevant to your operation. 

A Connected Farm in one System 

We've worked closely with Farmers across Dairy, grains and broad-acre cropping, horticulture and livestock to discover some of the key applications for required reporting on farms. From these discovery sessions we developed product kits and solutions to provide accurate reporting on these applications, whether that is as an early warning system, to allow for preventative maintenance or to conserve key resources on a farm. Click the images below to learn more about the IoT solutions for each AgTech application.