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GPS tracking with satellite fallback for reliability, built in.

Andromeda has been designed by the experts in rugged, low power iot devices, and uses best in class low orbit satellite connectivity from Myriota. A long lasting tracker that uses efficient connectivity to provide you with accurate location reporting. Wherever your assets or goods are, Andromeda enables geolocation monitoring with LTE-M upload and Myriota Satellite Fallback for areas without LTE-M /NB-IoT network coverage.

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Andromeda + Incyt App

Whether your Andromeda device is reporting via LTE-M upload or via the Myriota Satellite Network, you can see what's going on at a glance in the Incyt by LX app. With configurable dashboards and widgets, set alerts and get notifications when conditions exceed set parameters for your reporting profile.

Hybrid Connectivity at its Best

For tracking in remote areas where LTE-M networks don't always reach, Andromeda uses hybrid connectivity to access the Myriota network of low orbit satellites.

The Right Tracker for the Job

Andromeda pairs design excellence with innovative, powerful LTE-M connectivity as well as Satellite back up. Where other trackers can't go, Andromeda delivers reliable geolocation reporting for your goods and assets. Use for tracking unpowered assets like pallets and containers or personal vehicles for added peace of mind.

Rugged Intelligent Design - Built to Last

Created using best in class materials and a powerful, military grade lithium battery, Andromeda can be fitted to powered and unpowered assets alike and is made to withstand the elements in remote areas. With once daily reporting giving up to 4 and half years battery life, you can install in minutes and get reports for years to come.

Reporting Profiles to Match Your Needs

With different reporting profiles available for the Andromeda tracking device, you can choose the plan that suits your needs. Monitor basic location, get hourly reporting or be alerted when an asset starts or stops moving. Plus change your reporting plan at any time through your account in the Incyt App.


For supply chain and logistics management or global tracking, Andromeda makes it easy. Scalable, reliable reporting on where assets, transport vehicles or goods are right across the supply chain. Daily reporting for assets in remote locations - Andromeda is built to last and takes advantage of hybrid connectivity.

  • Scan & Go

    Easy Activation with Simple QR Code Commissioning in Minutes.

  • Find Anywhere

    LTE-M Location upload with Myriota Satellite fallback for reliable tracking.

  • Long Lasting Power

    Efficient network use and powerful, industrial grade battery for long lasting performance.

  • Built to Last

    Robust design built for long term operation in harsh environments.

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Myriota Satellite, LTE-M, BLE 5 WiFi and GPS


Multi Region LTE-M, Myriota Service 1 and Service 2 variants


Industrial Grade Lithium Battery


54 x 80 x 230 mm, 505g

Operating Temp Range

-20ºC to +80ºC (optimum function -10ºC to +60ºC)

Case Rating



Magnet activation with QR commissioning onto the Incyt App

The Incyt Difference

Excellence Is In The Details

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, low power use, rugged design and 'global ready', LX devices have been built for what's next, now. We've designed everything from the electronic hardware to the software and reporting widget, all with the end user in mind to create a simple, yet remarkable experience.

Reliable Power That Barely Uses Any

Military grade battery technology and the latest in ultra- low power connectivity combine to give up to a decade of battery life in many applications. Hybrid connectivity options mean your device is always using the most efficient network for the job.

A Rich Ecosystem

The LX Range of Trackers and Static Sensor Products can be used alone or in configured solutions to provide new levels of reporting and insight for key applications. Designed as an ecosystem, you can start with one device and build out from there.

Award Winning IoT Design

LX remote telemetry devices and ecosystem have won engineering and design awards including a Good Design Award. And our team behind these products have designed for everything from the defence and medical industries to consumer electronics and construction.

Support When You Need It

We've designed our trackers and sensors to be Plug 'n Play so you can install and activate them without needing installers or specialist equipment. But the LX Support team are there with expert technical guidance when you have a question.

Make It Your Own

Reporting dashboards you can customise, multiple users on your account and flexible integration options with your existing systems. Our device ecosystem works with you and is easily scalable, no matter the size of your operation.