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Tracker, Sensor and IoT Gateway - All in One

Antares is the device you want when you need network deployment, geolocation reporting and condition monitoring all in one. With the ability to deploy a machinery area network for beaconing devices like our Lyra BLE Beacons , you can use Antares to create geofences, drive increased employee compliance and safety or even monitor the condition of perishable goods on the move.

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Antares + Incyt App

Accurate, reliable reporting on location, condition and more with the Incyt by LX App. Wherever you are, see what's happening, at a glance with reporting straight to your phone or laptop.

Intuitive dashboards and widgets configured to provide the insights that matter to you.

Go Beyond Just Tracking

With options for Gateway plus Tracker or the addtition of advanced environmental reporting with the Sensor Port Version, Antares lets you do more than just track asset location. See what's possible with this rugged, flexible device

Powered by logic

Antares Gateway + Tracker and the advanced sense option both come with the option of being powered through mains supply, automotive C cable or solar kit, so there's always an option for your use requirements. Use for indoor or outdoor applications, in rural and remote areas or on the move for vehicle and goods tracking.

Made for connection

Antares can be used in solo as a tracker or sensor reporting on key conditions, but it truly comes into its own when used with the other devices in the Incyt by LX range. By providing a network for devices nearby, Antares can enable comparative environment reporting across a space, or geofencing in an area like a workshop or rental asset storage

Built to last, designed with users in mind

Antares has been designed to last in harsh environments, with rugged outer casing and high IP and IK ratings. A slick installation and activation process mean that setting up your device takes minutes, with reliable reporting for years.

Antares from Incyt by LX

Create a network for local devices, get reports on environmental conditions like temperature and humidityas well as accurate, reliable geolocation reporting with Anatres. Connect to a vehicle power supply for fast trracking on the move or use in controlled environments such as cellars, cold stores or server rooms. Easy to install and activate, this is power efficient IoT tracking made easy.

  • Instant Network

    Deploy a network and listen for surrounding devices such as the Lyra BLE Beacons.

  • Find Anywhere

    Hybrid location monitoring with BLE 5, WiFi, GPS and LTE-M/NB-IoT connectivity.

  • Deploy in Minutes

    Scan and Go activation, easy install and multiple power options.

  • Built to Last

    Robust design built for long term operation in harsh environments.

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CAT-M1/CAT NB-IoT, BLE 5, WiFi and GPS


Supported CAT-M1 bands: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 20, 28


Incyt Solar Kit, Mains via supplied convertor or 5VDC source


50 x 110 x 114 mm, 250g

Operating Temp Range

-20ºC to +80ºC

Case Rating

IP67 / IK07 Sense version (IP68/IK08 Track)


Via Magnet and QR code commission onto app

The Incyt Difference

Excellence Is In The Details

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, low power use, rugged design and 'global ready', LX devices have been built for what's next, now. We've designed everything from the electronic hardware to the software and reporting widget, all with the end user in mind to create a simple, yet remarkable experience.

Reliable Power That Barely Uses Any

Military grade battery technology and the latest in ultra- low power connectivity combine to give up to a decade of battery life in many applications. Hybrid connectivity options mean your device is always using the most efficient network for the job.

A Rich Ecosystem

The LX Range of Trackers and Static Sensor Products can be used alone or in configured solutions to provide new levels of reporting and insight for key applications. Designed as an ecosystem, you can start with one device and build out from there

Award Winning IoT Design

LX remote telemetry devices and ecosystem have won engineering and design awards including a Good Design Award. And our team behind these products have designed for everything from the defence and medical industries to consumer electronics and construction.

Support When You Need It

We've designed our trackers and sensors to be Plug 'n Play so you can install and activate them without needing installers or specialist equipment. But the LX Support team are there with expert technical guidance when you have a question.

Make It Your Own

Reporting dashboards you can customise, multiple users on your account and flexible integration options with your existing systems. Our device ecosystem works with you and is easily scalable, no matter the size of your operation.