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Asset Tracking Kits

Get a birds eye view of your key assets to help optimise logistics planning, team collaboration, asset utilisation and improve security.

The asset tracker kits are designed to help make locating your farm assets easy. View your key assets on one central map to help optimise logistics planning, team collaboration, asset utilisation and improve security on-farm and in the supply chain.

Antares Automotive

Suitable for automotive/machinery tracking applications where higher frequency reporting and/or a machinery area network is required. Most approriate for assets that are:

  • Fast and/or frequently moving,
  • Carry other assets that may have Lyras, or
  • Connect to other assets that may have Lyras.

Recommended asset installations include: ute, truck, prime mover, side by side, quad bike, tractor, header, sprayer etc.

Antares Mains

Suitable for fixed installations to listen for Lyra BLE devices where mains power is available such as machinery, shearing, pump and fruit packing sheds. Recommended use in locations where equipment is stored or cold chain monitoring is relevant (e.g.fruit packing shed).

Antares Solar

Suitable for fixed installations to listen for Lyra BLE devices in remote unpowered locations such as water sources, hay sheds, property access locations, unpowered machinery sheds, stock yards, key gates/stock access points etc. Recommended use for stock tracking at key points like water sources, gates and yards.


BLE beacon technology that shows where the asset was last seen/last picked by an Antares device during a listening window. Most appropriate for use with:

  • An item that travels in a vehicle that has an Antares machinery area network deployed (e.g., a chainsaw that travels in the back of a ute that has an Antares gateway),
  • An asset that is often stored in a shed that has an Antares gateway (e.g., a machinery shed)
  • Small assets (like a chainsaw, welder, power tools), or items that are low cost/low value but still may warrant location (e.g., chemical drums)


GPS asset location suitable for use with unpowered assets and vehicles when less frequent location reporting is acceptable. Most appropriate for assets that are moved from time to time, or move on their own accord but may not warrant an Antares. Recommended asset installations include: trailers, field bins, farm implements (air seeder, plough, auger etc.). Also suitable for ute, truck, prime mover, side by side, quad bike, tractor, header, sprayer etc.

Asset Tracker Starter Kit

Asset Tracker Pro Kit

Asset Tracker Advanced Kit