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Base Station

Deploy a Network for Your IoT Devices and Sensors

The Incyt LTE-M Base Station allows you to deploy a private LoRa base station for surrounding devices such as the Incyt Blue Node and connected sensors. Enabling a network for the Blue Node (available in 433 and 915 MHz LoRa versions), the Base Station provides connectivity for areas without existing LoRaWAN coverage or in fringe areas. It can also be used to deploy a LoRa network where privacy is key to your remote monitoring.

Robust, reliable and with multiple power options, the Incyt Base Station brings the IoT to you.

Powerful Network Deployment in Minutes

Need network privacy for your remote monitoring devices, or want to set up in a fringe or low connection network area? The Incyt Base station enables you to deploy a private LoRa network in minutes.

Up and Running in Minutes

Quickly and easily deploy an IoT network on your property, worksite or other area with the Incyt Base Station. With a Plug 'n Play connection, the device can be installed and activated in minutes, providing LoRa connectivity for devices up to 25km away.

Power it Your Way

The Base station can be powered by either mains USB cable power or with the Incyt Solar Kit, meaning you can deploy it where you need to to get the remote reporting thats important to you. With either option your Base Station is capable of supporting high numbers of devices.

Accessories to give superior connectivity

The Base Station can be used with a number of additional Accessories such as the high gain antenna, meaning that even when deploying in a rural area where foliage might interrupt coverage, you can get the best possible connectivity for your devices.

Aesthetically Awesome - Inside and Out

Superior components, rugged casing and IoT excellence built in

The Incyt Base Station

Create a network for local devices, in areas without access to NB-IoT or LoRaWAN coverage. Up and running in minutes, this rugged device is built to last in a variety of environments.

  • Wide range network

    Deploy a Private LoRa network for devices up to 25km away

  • Privacy built in

    In areas with a mandate for privacy, deploy a secure LoRa Network for secure connectivity

  • Power options

    Options for mains power and solar kit meaning you can deploy where you need.

  • Built to Last

    Robust design built for long term operation in harsh environments.

Network Provision

Private LoRa

Power Options

USB-C mains adaptor or Solar Kit


Milled out of a solid block of Aluminium

Operating Temperature Range

-20ºC to + 70ºC

Case Rating

IP67 Rating

Network Range

Typically 5-15km, up to 25km (ideal conditions)


Plug 'n Play to Power source and QR code activation onto Incyt by LX App

The Incyt Difference

Excellence Is In The Details

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, low power use, rugged design and 'global ready', LX devices have been built for what's next, now. We've designed everything from the electronic hardware to the software and reporting widget, all with the end user in mind to create a simple, yet remarkable experience.

Reliable Power That Barely Uses Any

Military grade battery technology and the latest in ultra- low power connectivity combine to give up to a decade of battery life in many applications. Hybrid connectivity options mean your device is always using the most efficient network for the job.

A Rich Ecosystem

The LX Range of Trackers and Static Sensor Products can be used alone or in configured solutions to provide new levels of reporting and insight for key applications. Designed as an ecosystem, you can start with one device and build out from there.

Award Winning IoT Design

LX remote telemetry devices and ecosystem have won engineering and design awards including a Good Design Award. And our team behind these products have designed for everything from the defence and medical industries to consumer electronics and construction.

Support When You Need It

We've designed our trackers and sensors to be Plug 'n Play so you can install and activate them without needing installers or specialist equipment. But the LX Support team are there with expert technical guidance when you have a question.

Make It Your Own

Reporting dashbaords you can customise, multiple users on your account and flexible integration options with your existing systems. Our decvice ecosystem works with you and is easily scalable, no matter the size of your operation.