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Create a private network for areas without coverage.

Reliable connectivity for your LX Blue Node and connected sensors in areas that don’t have existing LoRaWAN coverage. 

  • Connectivity in remote areas
  • Built to last - hardwearing materials
  • Plug N Play installation

For areas without access to LoRaWAN coverage, devices operating in coverage gaps, or for organisations with a security mandate to keep data local, go private with our 433MHz and 915MHz plug n’ play LX LoRa Base Station. It is connected to the internet via either a 4G/LTE-M connection or a 3G connection and actively listens for any sensors reporting via LoRa long range, low power radio technology.

The Base Station listens to the sensors connected to a Blue Node around a property, giving connectivity to send data to the LX Incyt Dashboard, for user-friendly visual reporting. Ideal for properties on the fringe of an existing network or with no coverage as well as those use cases requiring a local private network. Provide connection for dozens of Blue Nodes and connected sensors.



Network Range   Up to 20km
Casings Waterproof and dust-proof IP67,  Shock and vibration resistant, weather proof and UV resistant
Functionality Edge processing capable
Device operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
Software OTA software updates
Power source Power from 12V AC/DC adaptor or optional 12V Solar Kit


Set-up and Installation

To install a Base Station simply mount it on a pole and plug it in.  Mount it in a location with 3G or LTE-M coverage and connect power – either a wired DC power pack (included) or a 12V Solar Kit (sold separately).  Range is maximised when installed on a high and clear area on your property. 

 Dashboard View