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What is Clear Air Inversion?

Clear air or temperature inversion is caused when a bank of warm air ends up trapping a layer of cooler heavier air close to the ground. This is sometimes visible to the eye but other times can be difficult to detect based on time of day and weather factors. Clear air inversion can cause issues with pesticide spraying by creating 'spray drift'. This is where the spray droplets from a rig hit an inversion and whilst some drop to the ground without evaporating, others above the dew point will fall much slower and begin to evaporate in the warmer air. Spray drift is caused when these slower droplets start to evaporate and are carried by wind currents beyond the intended ground target. 


How can connected IoT devices provide insights into Optimal Spray times and help avoid Spray drift? 

IoT devices such our LX Incyt range work best when they complement the experience and sensory stimuli provide by the farmer. The LX Spray Advisory System takes into account a number of factors including temperature, humidity, wind speed, delta T calculations and termperature inversion to provide a go/no go analysis for spraying. The System can send an alert when the conditions are favourable, and if they change to being unfavourable during the course of spraying. These reports complement the existing experience and sensory stimuli available to the operator to help ensure spraying is undertaken only during optimal conditions. 


Use the Antares gateway to provide a network for Lyra track and sense devices attached to the spray rig to provide real time reporting on spray drift.


What is in the Clear Air Inversion - Spray Advisory Kit