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How to farming Grants work

Farming or Agriculture grants are initiatives, generally run by state governments, that provide funding or assistance in kind to farmers and other members in the agricultural industry.

Funding tends to be granted through an application process. Each grant or assistance program may have requirements for eligibility, or only be applicable to a certain area, type of farming or size of operation. 

Agriculture grants are made available to give access to farming equipment and machinery, new technologies and processes, services and even for training and learning through scholarships. 


How to access AgTech through Farming Grants 

There is a lot of opportunity under the current administration for funding around AgTech, with a drive towards increasing uptake of farming technologies across Australia. 

This drive has given rise to demonstration DATA Farms like the one at Longerenong College in Victoria, where farmers can essentially window shop these technologies and see how they look and work in situ before investing.

There are currently a number of active grant programs across Australia that providing full or part funding towards the cost of AgTech equipment and devices. 

The best way to search and find these grants is through grant databases. The AgFunding database on Farmtable.com.au is a great resource tool for finding Agriculture grants. Similarly, the GrantConnect page on the Australian Government website also provides a search function for business grants and there are numerous Ag News mailing lists you can sign up to for announcements around grants. 

Incyt by LX - Grant involvement

Incyt by LX has already been involved in a number of grant programs for agriculture funding across Australia. We actively pursue grants where suppliers are required to register and will also promote any non-restricted grants where our products are eligible for farmers to access funding support. 

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