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How can connected devices help you measure frost detection?

Frost can cause a real issue for crops. But because it can melt quickly, unless you're physically out in each field every morning, it can be difficult to know if there was a frost, at what time and how long it lasted for. Often the evidence that there has been frost comes in the form of the damage it causes to your plants.

Connected devices like our Polaris Track + Sense can provide remote reporting on environmental conditions, giving you insights over time that would otherwise have been physically difficult to measure. 


How does the Frost Detection system work?

To measure Frost Detection, you can simply use our kit of 5 Polaris Trackers - nothing else is needed! Although Polaris is called a Tracker, they can just as easily be used for static sensing for key environmental factors like temperature. Attach your Polaris Track + Sense to a fence or post in each field or paddock you want to monitor. The sensing port will measure temperature over time so you can get insights in when the frost developed and how long it was sub zero for. 

The Polaris works on LTE-M/NB-IoT networks so there's no need for external connection and it's internal battery means you can set and forget without needing to provide a power source. 


What's in the Frost Detection Kit

  • 5 x Polaris Track + Sense
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Incyt Dashboard with user friendly widgets
  • Data security and storage
  • Quick Start Guide for installing Polaris