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Why use an IoT solution for monitoring hay?

Hay can be one of the more expensive resources on a farm, so it makes sense to protect it. When hay is stored for a period time there are risks of degradation, with rot and in some circumstances combustion happening. The issue is that this often happens within a stay or bale where we can't see it occurring until it is too late.

LX Incyt IoT products have been designed to give you access to the data you can't see or reach otherwise - in this situation allowing you to monitor the condition of hay bales and help prevent degradation. Get the reports sent straight to your phone or tablet so you can see what's happening, from anywhere. 


How does it work

The LX Hay Bale Monitoring System consists of 20 Lyras sensors and 1 Antares Gateway. The Lyra sensors are inserted into hay bales after baling, monitoring the temperature and relative humidity inside the bale. They use BLE (Bluetooth low energy) beaconing at regular intervals which is 'listened for' by the Antares Gateway. In the event of a temperature rise, the system generates an alert so that in the case of impending combustion or hay degradation appropriate action can be taken. Data visualisation provided by LX Incyt Dashboard. Installation guide included.


What's in the LX Hay Monitoring Kit

  • 1 x Solar Kit for Antares Gateway with connecting cable
  • 1 x Antares Gateway - Non Sense option
  • 20 x Lyra BLE Beacon - Sense option
  • Access to Incyt Dashboard reporting key widgets
  • Network connectivity and ongoing data collection 
  • Data security and storage in the cloud
  • Quick Start Guides for Lyra and Antares


Need more Lyra Beacons? This kit includes 20 but a single Antares Gateway can provide a listening point for up to 100 Lyra Beacons. So you can simply buy more Lyras separately and configure them to this solution.