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Laser Beam Break Sensor Kit

Laser based retroreflective sensor for applications in which a beam break corresponds to a critical event. The beam break sensor is a laser retroreflective sensor with 10m range. It comes with mounting accessories, reflector, power junction and solar or mains power kit. Suitable for applications such as vehicle crossing detection, fuel theft alert and shed entry detection. Unlike PIR sensors, this detection sensor works for both small or large objects, slow or fast motion and cold or hot objects. The sensor pack comes with an LX Blue Node. Data visualisation provided by LX Incyt Dashboard. Installation guide included.


Kit contents:

Kit 1 (power supply option) contents:

  • 1 x laser retroreflective sensor with
  • bracket system and reflector
  • 1 x power junction
  • 1 x Blue Node
  • 1x mains supply kit

Kit 2 (solar powered option) contents:

  • 1x laser retroreflective sensor with
  • bracket system and reflector
  • 1x power junction
  • 1x Blue Node
  • 1x solar kit

Detection range


Up to 10m (5m in rain/dusty conditions)

Sensor technology

High speed laser retrofelective beam


6.7nJ pulse @ 680nm (red)

Laser classification

Class 1

Power source

solar kit (remote locations) or mains (shed based)