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How IoT solutions can help with Rodent Detection 

Vermin control timing and dose levels are important factors in controlling rodents. But detecting how many rodents there are in a specific field or paddock can be very difficult, given their small size and nocturnal nature. Often the damage is done by the time you can see there's a problem, and a 'spray and pray' attitude to vermin control can be detrimental and costly. But doing nothing can be even more costly, since pest tolerance can lead to thousands lost in damaged crops, grain or hay. 

IoT products like our application kit can help with rodent detection by providing reporting on number and activity so you can make informed decision around control measures. 


How the LX Rodent Detection System works and can help improve crop yield

This is a simple system that uses 'Beam Break' technology. The sensor and receiver create a barrier through a retroreflective laser. When something passes through this barrier it breaks the beam and creates an alert that can be sent straight to your device as an SMS or through reporting intervals. By placing the beam break kit at the edges of a crop field, over the course of a night or a week you can see how many times that beam has been broken by animals. This gives you an indication of rodent numbers and helps you choose the optimal time to institute control measures.

Effective and timely control of vermin can have a large impact on eventual crop yield, so this system enables you to maximise your control measures and reduce rodent numbers. Data visualisation provided by LX Incyt Dashboard. Installation guide included.


What's in the LX Rodent Detection System

1 x LX Blue Node

1 x Beam Break Sensor