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Get eyes on the assets that matter most to you.

GPS, LTE-M and Bluetooth Trackers and Sensors for Smart Construction.

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Cost effective tracking for machinery, tools and unpowered assets - onsite and offsite.

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1 App, 1 Dashboard... Unlimited Insights.

Drive increased efficiency and productivity on your worksites with Incyt by LX

IoT Trackers and Sensors for Smart Construction Reporting

GPS and LTE-M tracking, Condition monitoring and Performance Reporting for Building and Construction

Drive efficiency and savings across your business with the problem solving and data insights that come from IoT Tracking and Sensing. The Incyt by LX range of devices provide geolocation, runtime monitoring, condition reporting and tracking assets in and out of key areas, so you always know where your key equipment is and how it's working.

Get eyes on your tools, machinery and unpowered assets no matter where you are, with reports straight to phone or laptop through the Incyt by LX app.

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Incyt by LX - This is the Internet of Things, Made Easy

Experts in the Trade

The Incyt by LX devices have been designed by an engineering team with a combined 300 year+ experience in developing IoT and electronic products that work (and last) in environments from mine sites to space.

Recognised Excellence

Recognised Excellence
Body: Our product range is a Good Design Award Winner 2021 and individual devices have been recognised for other engineering, design and IoT accolades in Australia and beyond.

Designed for Scale

The Incyt by LX range is an ecosystem, so devices can be used individually or in a connected solution, with different reporting profiles and sensor integrations. So you can start with one and build out your custom network.

Customisable reporting

To custom apps and beyond. Plug into our cloud-based API to unleash a world of custom app development possibilities, integration with 3rd party AI systems and connect up to other cloud solutions.

One device, multiple applications

Each tracker and sensor in the range can be configured for different uses, with reporting profiles to fit your requirements

Powered by Choice

With battery powered trackers, and gateways that can be powerd through mains, solar power or automotive cable, our devices are designed to track from indoor to outdoor and back again. So wherever your assets go, you can keep eyes on them.

Hybrid Connectivity Approach

Use the right network at the right time. We unlock the strength of the latest technologies including LTE-M, LoRaWAN, WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy, to help with efficient power use so your devices last in the field.

Designed with the End User in Mind

Incyt by LX devices use easy peel and stick application or mounting options so they can be deployed quickly on almost any tool or machine without the need for specialist installation. The quick activation process means you're up and running in minutes, not hours, with the reporting that matters to you.

Polaris LTE-M Tracker - Incyt by LX

For intelligent tracking and monitoring, the LX Polaris device is great place to start your connected system. A highly versatile, indoor/outdoor, multipurpose device that connects to the LX Incyt Dashboard for accurate and reliable reporting straight to your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Scan and Go

    Easy activation with QR code device commissioning

  • Find anywhere

    Direct LTE-M Cloud connectivity with indoor & outdoor geolocation

  • Long lasting power

    Battery powered, up to 7 years battery life (depending on reporting profile)

  • Built to last

    Highly ruggedised and weather-proof for long term operation in harsh environments

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