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LX Base Station - LoRa

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LX Base Station - LoRa

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Create a private network for areas without coverage. 

Reliable connectivity for your LX Blue Node and connected sensors in areas that don’t have existing LoRaWAN coverage.


  • Connectivity in remote areas
  • Built to last - hardwearing materials
  • Plug N Play installation


For areas without access to LoRaWAN coverage, devices operating in coverage gaps, or for organisations with a security mandate to keep data local, go private with our 433MHz and 915MHz plug n’ play LX LoRa Base Station. It is connected to the internet via either a 4G/LTE-M connection or a 3G connection and actively listens for any sensors reporting via LoRa long range, low power radio technology. 


The Base Station listens to the sensors connected to a Blue Node around a property, giving connectivity to send data to the LX Incyt Dashboard, for user-friendly visual reporting. Ideal for properties on the fringe of an existing network or with no coverage as well as those use cases requiring a local private network. Provide connection for dozens of Blue Nodes and connected sensors. Super easy to install and can be powered by either mains AC power or our Base Station 12V Solar Kit. Available in 433MHz and 915MHz options for both 3G version and 4G/LTE-M version. Comes with installation guide.


Technical Specifications

Network Range Up to 20km

Casings Waterproof and dust-proof IP67,  Shock and vibration resistant, weather proof and UV resistant

Functionality Edge processing capable

Device operating temperature -20°C to +70°C

Software OTA software updates

Power source Power from 12V AC/DC adaptor or optional 12V Solar Kit



Set-up and Installation

To install a Base Station simply mount it on a pole and plug it in.  Mount it in a location with 3G or LTE-M coverage and connect power – either a wired DC power pack (included) or a 12V Solar Kit (sold separately).  Range is maximised when installed on a high and clear area on your property. 

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