LX Blue Node

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LX Blue Node

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Intelligent sensing for smart reporting. 

A reliable, easy to install, and power efficient way to take the data from your sensors and make it accessible in your ideal format.


  • Supports existing sensors through unique LX Blue Node connection point.
  • Available in 433MHz or 900MHz options for LX LoRa or 900MHz for LoRaWAN connection, dependent on user coverage 
  • Ultra-low power, long range network compatibility
  • Multi-network capability
  • Easy installation
  • Low power design
  • Long range comms
  • Large range of third party sensors
  • Up to 10 years battery autonomy
  • Rugged and weather-proof
  • Intuitive APIs + dashboards


The Blue Node is the heart of the LX sensor system. It connects real world sensors to apps in a way no other remote telemetry device can. A battery powered, multi-sensor node that lasts up to 10 years, the Blue Node is the easiest device to actually install in the field, and has been built to last in outdoor conditions. 

Available in 433MHz and 900MHz versions for LX LoRa or 900 MHz for connection to LoRaWAN AS923, The Blue Node is the connection point between your chosen configured sensor(s) and the real end benefit you want, the valuable data reporting available straight to your smart phone or similar device. Providing reliable data communications for various sensors, including secure transfer and storage. Comes with installation guide. 


Technical Specifications

Interfaces 4-20 mA, SDI-12, UART, 0 – 12V analog input, 4 x digital I/O, I2C

Comms NNNco LoRaWAN or LX LoRa

Battery High quality 13Ah industrial lithium thionyl-chloride battery 

Enclosure IP67 rated. Dual O-ring piston seal system. Waterproof + dust-proof

Certifications RCM, CE & FCC

Thermal range Environmentally tested from -20°C to +70°C