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EnviroPro Soil Moisture Probe Kit with Blue Node

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Easy and accurate multilevel soil moisture + temperature measurement up to 1200mm.

This kit reliably and repeatedly records temperature compensated readings for soil moisture over a depth of either 120cm or 80cm to monitor groundwater content (GWC), supporting enhanced decision making around nitrogen application, crop selection, crop rotation and irrigation. The 120cm probe is comes fitted with either a 15m or 30m smart cable and the 80cm version comes with a 15m smart cable. 

Get remote reporting from your Soil Moisture Probes straight to your phone, laptop or device with the Incyt App, and connectivity provided by the included Blue Node. Depending on your network coverage you can choose from either an AS923 LoRaWAN Blue Node or private LoRa version in your kit. Pricing includes 2 years subscription to the Incyt App and is exclusive of GST. 

  • Different Probe Lengths and Cable lengths available

  • Choose from LoRaWAN or Private LoRa Connectivity

  • Plug 'n Play Installation

  • Built to Last