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Gate and Door Detection Sensor - Kit with LX Blue Node

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Gate and Door Detection Sensor - Kit with LX Blue Node

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Industrial reed switch sensor for gate and door status reporting - COMING SOON

Accurate monitoring of gates and doors with configurable options and alerts. Reports sent straight to your phone, tablet or computer

  •  LX LoRa/LoRaWAN Connectivity for remote monitoring and reporting 
  • Configure to preferred settings 
  • Plug 'n Play Installation
  • User friendly reporting dashboard 
  • Built to Last - hardwearing materials 

Using this robust stainless steel barrel sensor, get alerts when gates and doors are open or closed on your property. Ideal for security applications and tracking high traffic days and times. Configure to suit your needs for normally open, always open, normally closed or change over contracts. Kit comes with LX Blue Node to provide remote reporting and SMS alerts. Comes with magnet for operation and 2 mounting brackets.

The sensor pack comes with an LX Blue Node. You can choose either the LX LoRa Blue Node in 433/900MHz or the LoRaWAN AS923 Blue Node depending on coverage in your area. Data visualisation provided by LX Incyt Dashboard. Installation guide included.

*Pricing includes sensor plus + Blue Node, subscription plan not included in pricing.   

Technical Specifications 


capable of switching up to 265Vac/300Vdc at 10VA,

Temperature range -20ºC to + 70ºC operating range
Compatibility Operates through non-ferrous materials such as wood, plastic or aluminium