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LX Lyra - Bluetooth Track + Sense Beacon

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LX Lyra - Bluetooth Track + Sense Beacon

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Compact Bluetooth low energy tracking beacon with intelligent sensing. 

Go beyond just tracking to a place of understanding with the LX Track + Sense range. 


  • Built to last - hardwearing materials
  • Battery powered - low power
  • Track + Sense
  • Easy Peel & Stick Installation
  • BLE connection 


Lyra is compact but our track and sense option packs a lot of functionality into the smallest of our trackers. Using a low energy bluetooth connection Lyra delivers beacon based location monitoring but also has the ability to log sense data for variables including temperature, humidity plus motion and velocity through an accelerometer. With easy peel and stick application and a battery life of up to 3 years, Lyra is perfect for environments that require relatively high frequency (1 per hour) yet power efficient reporting. 


Technical Specifications


Radio BLE

Battery Non replaceable

Typical Behaviour Beaconing every few seconds with last sensor reading included in beacons (refreshed every 15 minutes)

Temperature Sensing ±0.4°C 

Accelerometer sensing 3 Axis

Humidity ±4% RH accuracy

Size and Weight 36 x 65 x 102 mm, 175g

Enclosure rating IP66 / IK06 (Sensor port must be kept free of liquid and dust)

Mounting option VHB high strength adhesive, Security metal bracket, Cable-tie

Temp range -20ºC to +60ºC