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LX Polaris LTE-M Track + Sense

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LX Polaris LTE-M Track + Sense

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Remotely track and monitor key assets with intelligent sensing options for detailed reporting


A powerful yet compact tracker designed for cross industry and vertical capability. Go beyond just tracking to monitoring key environmental factors through advanced sensing capability.


  • LTE-M/NB-IoT Radio
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Peel N Stick Installation
  • Multiple Sensing options
  • Built to Last - hardwearing materials

Polaris track & sense has all the location sensing of our standard Polaris LTE-M Tracker, but with the added functionality to provide environmental reporting. Monitor key factors including temperature and relative humidity, luminosity, motion and velocity through an accelerometer and also VOCs (Volatile Air Compounds)

When a high value asset is in transit and needs consistent environmental conditions (e.g. fresh produce) get remote reporting on changes to key factors like temperature and humidity so you know what’s happening and when. Polaris track & sense takes you beyond tracking to a place of understanding

Easy peel and stick application or cable tie mounts with up to 3 year battery life. Can be mounted securely using screws or rivets with the optional metal bracket accessory. Data visualisation provided through LX Incyt Dashboard. Comes with installation guide. 





Radio CAT M1 / CAT NB-IoT,BLE 5, WiFi, GPS, Cell locate

SIM Chip SIM (default), Nano SIM (for dev and trials)

Region Multi region Cat M1/NB1 Supported bands: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 20, 28

Firmware upgrade Via App and over BLE or Cellular

Battery + battery life Replaceable Industrial Lithium Thionyl Chloride primary battery pack, ~ 3yrs (without VOC), ~ 1 year with VOC

Typical behaviour Continuously beaconing (every ~3s for 30s per minute), performing daily Wi-Fi scan, GPS lock, CatM1 upload and config check.

Sampling sensor data every 15 min (ETCH1A and ETCH1S)

Location Sense BLE Beacon and scan, WiFi, Scan, Cell Locate, GPS

Size + weight 39 x 80 x 114 mm, 300g

Enclosure Rating IP67/IK09

Mounting options VHB tape + screw , cable tie, security bracket

Certifications CE, RCM, BT Sig

Temp. range +5oC to +40oC (operational temp range -20oC to +60oC)