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LX Polaris LTE-M Tracker

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LX Polaris LTE-M Tracker

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Remotely track and monitor key assets and equipment


A powerful yet compact tracker designed for cross industry and vertical capability. Get accurate tracking and peace of mind with Polaris from LX

  • LTE-M/NB-IoT Radio
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Peel N Stick Installation or various mounting options
  • Built to Last - hardwearing materials



Go beyond tracking to a place of understanding, insight and automated action. Smart devices don’t just solve problems, they show you the way. 

Polaris is part of a family of trackers enabled for machine to machine (M2M) communication but has a strong individual tracking function too. With location sensing available through BLE (bluetooth low energy) Beacon and Scan, WiFi Scan, Cellular Locating and GPS, Polaris can be installed ready to work in various use cases, both indoors and outdoors.

With its own power source through a state of the art embedded industrial battery, Polaris is the ideal choice for tracking unpowered assets such as trailers, shipping containers, industrial and high value assets. 

Easy peel and stick application or cable tie mounts with up to 5 year battery life. Can be mounted securely using screws or rivets with the optional metal bracket accessory.Data visualisation provided through LX Incyt Dashboard. Comes with installation guide. 




Radio: CAT M1 / CAT NB-IoT,BLE 5, WiFi, GPS, Cell locate

SIM: Chip SIM (default), Nano SIM

Region: Multi region Cat M1/NB1 Supported bands: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 20, 28

Firmware upgrade: Via App and over BLE or Cellular

Battery + battery life: Replaceable Industrial Lithium Thionyl Chloride primary battery pack, ~ 5yrs

Typical behaviour: Continuously beaconing (every ~3s for 30s per minute), performing daily Wi-Fi scan, GPS lock, CatM1 upload and config check.

Sampling sensor: data every 15 min Location Sense: BLE Beacon and scan, WiFi scan, Cell Locate, GPS

Size + weight: 39 x 80 x 114 mm, 300gEnclosure Rating: IP68/IK10,
Mounting options: VHB tape + screw , cable tie, security bracket

Storage: 9 months

Certifications: CE, RCM, BT Sig

Temp. range: +5oC to +40oC (operational temp range -20oC to +60oC)