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Ultrasonic Water Level Monitoring Kit with Blue Node

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Rugged and durable non-contact liquid level measurement for tanks and open water sources.

Install in water tanks and over open water reservoirs such as dams, turkey nests, irrigation channels and creeks/rivers (where mounting infrastructure is available). This sensor measures the distance to the surface level using non-contact ultrasonic technology. Get remote reporting on water levels and save time manually checking water levels on your property. Reports straight to your phone or laptop through the Incyt App. 

This kit includes a Blue Node and an ultrasonic range sensor. You can choose from a Private LoRa connection Blue Node or LoRaWAN AS923 Blue Node, depending on your network coverage. 

Pricing includes hardware and 1 month standard subscription to the Water Level sensing application on the Incyt App, after which you will be charged monthly for the associated plan. Prices are exclusive of GST. 

  • Plug 'n Play Installation
  • Built to Last
  • LoRaWAN or Private LoRa Connectivity Options
  • Long lasting Battery