LX AgTech Product Ecosystem

IoT products to give you your entire farm in your pocket

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All your reports, all in one place

From water management and irrigation, to livestock tracking and microclimate measurement... do it all with Incyt by LX product ecosystem.

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Dairy, Horticulture, Cropping & Grains, Livestock

Incyt by LX provides for solutions for connected agriculture across a wide range of applications.Talk to us today about your reporting requirements.

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Next Generation AgTech IoT

We’ve created an ecosystem of products that help drive productivity, maximise your time, and create systems for enhanced decision making. Giving you peace of mind and freedom...from anywhere in the world.

Built to last, and designed with you in mind.

Get connected in minutes, not hours

When we say ‘Plug n’ Play’ we mean it - from push and click sensor attachment, to Smart Sensor auto-configuration, QR code commissioning, and peel n’ stick mounting.

Simply install, commission and view your dashboard.

User centric design, end-to-end

We’re passionate about delivering a remarkable, end-to-end, ‘sensor to cloud’ user experience. From the hardware in the field to the app on your phone, every aspect has been designed user-first without compromise on quality or performance.

The LX Blue Node

For static sensing activities, the LX Blue Node is the heart of your connected farm. A highly versatile, award winning and multipurpose telemetry device that connects LX Smart Sensors to the LX Incyt Dashboard for accurate and reliable reporting straight to your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Plug 'n Play

    Easy installation with plug 'n play sensor connection for use with a wide range of sensors.

  • Long Range Performance

    Typically 5 - 15km, 25km+ in some installations, ideal for large properties.

  • Long lasting power

    Battery powered, up to 10 years battery life (depending on sensor and configuration)

  • Built to last

    Highly ruggeddised and weather-proof for long term operation in harsh environments

The LX AgTech Story

We've developed and refined our product range over time to create devices and solutions that help drive increased productivity and profitability across key processes on farm properties. See the LX story and the work we're doing with Longerenong Agricultural College in the video below.

LX Agriculture Ecosystem

A look into the development behind our range and some recent projects with AGTIDE and VIC On-farm Internet of Things Trial

Customer driven, in everything we do

Excellence is in the details

Aesthetically awesome inside and out, our products use industrial grade materials but are designed to look great too. We believe IoT products don’t have to be ugly, and excellence should extend to form as well as function.

Remarkable power, that barely uses any

Military grade battery technology and the latest in ultra-low power connectivity ... the ideal combination that enables up to a decade of battery life in many applications.

One range, multiple applications

Configure products for key reporting across asset security, informed agronomy, livestock monitoring, microclimate reporting, water management and more

A Hybrid Network Approach

Unlock the strengths of the latest IoT technologies such as LTE-M, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 to create unique solutions. Enabling ultra-low power performance, cost effective impementations and also providing connectivity for areas without existing coverage.

Built to last

We design to last, build with the best and test to the exteme. From continuous operation on mine sites at -30°C to the heat of Darwin in summer, our products are rugged and designed for unforgiving environments.

Your entire farm in your pocket, at a glance

One app, one dashboard, unlimited insights. The breadth of our range means you can collect all the data that’s important to you through just ONE connected ecosystem. From stock management to asset security, to informed agronomy, do it all with LX.


LX were awarded the DATA Farm sensor and platform tender after an extensive selection process.  They have illustrated high level ongoing commitment to the project already, ensuring the DATA Farm will be a world class facility servicing the broadacre cropping industry.”

They’re the only game in town in Australia in terms of the internet of things. They can do everything and anything basically, where it comes to the internet of things. They eat that stuff for breakfast.