Intelligent Trackers and Sensors for Any Application.

Connecting you to the assets that matter, wherever they are.

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Reporting that Matters, When and Where you need it

Remote monitoring of location and condition, reports straight to your phone

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The Best Connectivity for the Job

Battery powered and wired options, hybrid network approach to track both powered and unpowered assets

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Intelligently designed IoT Trackers and Sensors to monitor what matters to you

Incyt by LX is an Ecosystem of Smart Devices you can configure to provide the reporting that you need for your tracking or sensing application. From fleet management to supply chain tracking to high value asset monitoring, there's a kit and a reporting profile to cover it.

Battery powered and wired options, with a hybrid connectivity approach that covers LTE-M/NB-IoT, WiFi , GPS, BLE and LoRa/LoRaWAN, our devices can be used individually or as a connected solution to provide geolocation reports, condition monitoring for key inputs and static sensing for a whole range of environmental factors. Talk to us today about your use case and requirements to see the best product configuration for you.

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IoT Devices and Solutions for Your Industry

Smart Agriculture

AgTech applications for everything from rodent detection and mobile hay bailing to simple reporting on soil moisture content and weather/micro-climates. All of your dashboards in one place on the Incyt by LX app - this is your entire farm in your pocket.

Smart Construction

From tracking unpowered assets, to predictive maintenance on equipment like mixers and forklifts, to management of warehouses - get eyes on what matters with Incyt by LX. Quick and easy to deploy and cost effective, indoor and outdoor tracking with LX.

Smart Logistics & Supply Chain

From wherever you are, know where your product is at a glance. Smart tracking on global NB-IoT/LTE-M networks for supply chain and logistics including cold chain tracking with environmental monitoring. Take the guesswork out of shipping with intelligent devices.

Asset Tracking

From high risk cargo like organ transport, to tracking high value assets in transit such as artworks, to always knowing where key personal assets are - Incyt by LX is your reliable, accurate monitoring system. Easy to read reports and alerts straight to your phone.

Fleet Management

Whether your fleet is 5 vehicles or 500, our battery powered or automotive powered options for tracking and monitoring mean you can deploy in minutes and get the reports that matter to you. Cost effective, reliable fleet management trackers with intuitive reporting straight to your phone or computer.

Facilities Management

Cold store remote monitoring, predictive maintenance insights for refrigeration units or basic daily reporting for low control environments - Incyt by LX gives you the insights you need

A Connected Ecosystem

Incyt devices can be used individually but really come into their own when brought together as a solution or application. Start with one or two devices and then build from there to access more reporting and comparative data sets, with insights over time. IoT tracking, monitoring and environmental reporting in one to give you the full picture, at a glance.

Designed different

LX IoT Trackers & Sensors

We build devices that work straight out of the box and make IoT applications easy

Award Winning Design

We're passionate about delivering a remarkable, end-to-end, 'device to cloud' user experience. From the hardware in the field to the app on your phone, every aspect has been designed by LX without compromise on quality or performance.

A Hybrid Network Approach

Unlock the strengths of the latest IoT technologies such as LTE-M, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 to create unique solutions. Enabling ultra-low pow effective implementations and also providing connectivity for areas without existing coverage.

Performance, Power, Durability

Military grade battery technology and the latest in ultra-low power connectivity... the ideal combination that enables up to a decade of battery life in many applications. We also design to last, build with the best and test to the exteme. From continuous operation on mine sites at -30°C to the heat of Darwin in summer, our products are rugged and designed for unforgiving environments.

Intuitive Software with Reporting that Matters

From activating your devices, to setting up alerts and reading reports, our Incyt by LX software is easy to use and gives you real insights over time. And for when you need a helping hand, our support team is available on phone, email and ticket.