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AquaCheck® Soil Moisture Probe 800mm Kit with Blue Node

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Accurate and reliable reporting across multiple measurement points for full soil condition monitoring.

Get reports sent straight to your phone, tablet or computer. Price includes 2 years of subscription reporting through the Incyt App. 

This sub-surface soil moisture probe offers capacitance based soil moisture measurement every 10cm over a depth of 80cm (8 sensors). Get temperature compensated soil moisture readings to make accurate and informed decisions around spraying and watering. Handy reporting straight to your device through the Blue Node connection. 

The sensor pack comes with a Blue Node and has a 5m cable. You can choose either the private LoRa Blue Node or the LoRaWAN AS923 Blue Node depending on coverage in your area. Data visualisation provided through the Incyt Dashboard. Installation guide included.

Pricing is for hardware and includes 1 month standard subscription to the Soil Moisture monitoring application on the Incyt App, after which you will be charged for the associated plan. Pricing excludes GST.

  • LoRa/LoRaWAN Connectivity, for remote monitoring and reporting
  • Plug N Play Installation
  • User friendly reporting dashboard
  • Built to Last - hardwearing materials